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Kootukari and an Award

That's my Vishu Sadhya

Kootu curry is a special blend of spices and vegetables like raw banana (specially Kerala Pacha Nendrakaya) & yam. This is usually a side dish in any sadhya. Its main spice is the pepper powder which really enriches the taste of Kootu curry.


Black/brown Chick peas -1 1/2 cup (or chenna dal)
Yam(Chena) -1/2 lb
Raw Banana(Pacha Nendrakaya) -1/2 lb
Mathan 1/2 (pumpkin which is a mottled green and yellow on the outside)
chili powder -1tsp
Turmeric powder -1tsp
Pepper powder 4tbs
Grated Coconut -1 cup
Jeera -1tsp
Mustard seeds -1 1/2 tsp
Red chili -1 or 2
Curry leaves
coconut oil -2 tbs


Soak the chick peas over night and Pressure Cook Chick piece.

Add vegetables along with turmeric powder, chili powder, and pepper powder
Cook for 15 minutes

Grind the coconut with jeera and salt, add to the curry and cook well.

In a small pan heat coconut oil and splutter mustard seeds, red chili and curry leaves and sizzle into the curry.

Delicious Kootu curry is ready.

Kootu curry can be served with rice or roti /chappathi.

. I have to mention about her cakes(cakesbydhanya) its all mind blowing and mouthwatering. work of art....i have gazed at her 3d cakes for long hours. I envy anyone who get to eat those delicious cakes :D.

She was so kind enough to share this award with me and her friends, i am whole heatedly thanking you Dhanya.

I would love to share this precious award with these awesome chefs
Priya Sriram

Mangala Bhat
Ramya Vijaykumar
Home cooked oriyafood
I am expecting that all my buddies would pour-in more and more of their culinary expertise and delicacies. Good luck guys!!


Dhanya Nambirajan

Ende Sangee ,you are making me blush :). Thank you so much for being my friend yaar.Also for the Ingi curry ,I used dark jaggery.That is why it has that deep color.


Kootu curry looks yummy.I have to try adding raw banana's also. The platter looks inviting.


Its my pleasure dhanya...

Ramya Vijaykumar

SAngeetha, thanks for sharing the award with me... Congrats on your award dear... Everytime when Krish asks me about kootukari I say him that I only know to eat... He says that he has a kerala fren who's mom used to make this itseems now I am gonna surprise him by doing this... Am gonna book mark this recipe... Gotta look for pumpkin now...

Deepa Hari

Sadya looks lovely Sangeetha....nice spread...Good job...kootu curry looks yum and new to me...Congrats on the award and so sweet of u to think abt. me...Thank you...I am happy to recieve it from u....Hugs.


Thanks for visiting my site sangeetha.. Yours is too good. Congrats and thanks for passing to me..!


Its a great spread...
n congrats on the award...:)

Mangala Bhat

wow ! dear Thanks sooooo ,uch for sharing the awards with me ..hey congrats dear :)
wow !all the dishes r very inviting :p .u r making me hungry right now :)congrats once again and Thanks a bunch :)


Thanx sangeetha,
You are really spoiling me showering me with these awards. thanx again. I really appreciate it.


Kootu curry looks great Sangeetha..and your sadya too :) Mouthwatering! Congrats on your award.


Hi first time here. Nice dishes...Tempting too. Love ur blog and congrats on ur award

Priya Sriram

Virundhu super-a irukku Sangeetha! Nanga varalama? :)
Kootu curry looks too yumm! :) I will surely try this week and let you know!
And thanks for sharing the award with me dear, its sooo sweeet of you! I posted it before thanking you itself... he hee!! :D


Hi Sangee, thanks for your visit to my space...Kootu kari looks very inviting..Thatz a nice click, i must say..

Vicky Xavier.

Vishu sadhya looks delicious. yummy spread.


Thanx again Sangeetha..Njan kootukari vachal orikkalum nannavilla, athinu ente Hus thanne venam,he is a great cook.

Home Cooked Oriya Food

Your platter looks so good. Wow nice award ! And thanks again for sharing. You are such a sweetheart!


Sorry guys i was little busy. Really missed all your new dishes i might be busy for some more time hopefully i will be able to pitch in sometimes


And thanks for all your lovely comments and i really enjoyed reading all your comments. Thanks to each and every one.


Very nice spread, kootu curry looks yumm!

Akal's Saappadu

Hi Sangeetha,

kootu curry paakkarthukku rusiyaa irukku, and all the items beside look awsome like festive food , a delicious feast :)

Congratulations for the awards and thank you so much for sharing it with me, that's so sweet of you; I appreciate your thoughts very much dear :) but my site's name is

Akal, you've marked me as Alka (though it sounds Alka (like my daughter's name), i've named the site Akal (represents first part of Akshay (my son) and Alka (my daughter))......and my name is Vinolia......

and sorry for the late reply as I was away for holidays with my teddies, I couldn't reply you faster, sorry for that :) will check out all your other posts (since two weeks) tonight or tomorrow..... keep good :)


Thank you for visiting my blog aruna...and for your lovely comment.

Really sorry for that typo Vinoli and thanks for correcting me. i liked your daughters name "Alka"

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