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Ada Pradhaman (Payasam)


The first day of Medam ( mid April) is the new year day for Malayalees. People believe that the fortunes for the next year depend on the nature of the objects one sees in the morning of Vishu. For this purpose, Kani (an omen) with articles like yellow flowers, rice, betel nuts, golden coins etc. is displayed in front of the deity. Thousands prefer to see Kani at Guruvayur on Vishu morning. Crowds stay overnight inside the courtyard of temple, which is specially permitted on this day. They close their eyes and set their eyes on the Kani and deity, as the doors are opened at 2.30 am for darshan.
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Ada Pradhaman is a sweet dish made of flakes of cooked rice, coconut milk and jagerry. Payasam is a desert which is a must for every sadhya. In the olden days in Kerala they make these rice flakes days before the festival and let them dry in sunlight. On the day of the festival whole coconuts are grated and coconut milk is extracted form it. The first time it is extracted without adding any water, next time with little water and the third time again with little more water. The pure extract is called the First milk, Second milk and third milk consecutively. It is a great process which starts from morning till mid-noon.

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The ada Pradhaman is made in a big Uruli, which also adds up taste. The jagerry is melted and filtered to eliminate any impurities in it. Nowadays ready made ada and coconut milk is available in any Indian grocery store, so its quite easy to make.

This is my first time making this payasam. My mother in-law gave the ada to me saying that i can make the payasam i was reluctant to take them because we have to use coconut milk and its really rich in calories. (diet conscious :))Any way i taught i will make it for this Vishu. You can also make palada payasam with these ada.

Ada -1 pack
Coconut milk -1 can(14oz)
Jagerry(vellom) -1lb(as required)
Cashew Nut a hand full
Raisin a hand full
Coconut pieces a hand full
Cardamon powder -1/2 tsp


->Cook Ada in water until soft, then drain and wash in cold water and set aside.

->Mix the jagery in 1 glass of water.

->In pot pan heat ghee and add the jagerry water, when it boils add the ada.

->After 7 to 8 min add half the coconut milk and stir in.

->Once it starts to thicken add the remaining coconut milk and simmer for 5 min and take it off the stove.

->In a small pan heat ghee and sizzle-in coconut pieces, cashew nuts and raisin.

-> Once the coconut pieces are gold color add the cardamon powder and mix in with the payasam

Payasam is delicious hot or cold.
Try it with pappadam( My hubby loves it that way)

This is sent to the event this to Grammathu Kaimanam hosted by Shama Nagarajan


Poornima Nair

Thats making my mouth-water...looks so yumm...

Priya Sriram

Wow.. Thats a lot of info Sangeetha!! :) Ahem!! I would love to taste it after we come to Seattle.. he hee!! I know I'm lazy!! :D
It looks irresistably delicious!

Ramya Vijaykumar

My fav dessert... I keep asking the person at the Indian stores here he says they dont have it... Initially I had to explain what it was... Oh I cant make that anytime now... I can look at your picture and satisfy my cravings...I have a uruli back home given by my sis... ;)

Shama Nagarajan

lovely dish...thank you dear........

Supriya Nair

Belated Happy have a lovely blog here...mouthwatering dishes...Cheers

Priya Sriram

Hi Sangeetha, shared an award with you in my blog... Please accept it.. :)

Deepa Hari

Nice post and thank u for the wonderful info...Love the Payasam Sangeetha....looks absolutely scrumptious.


Thank you for all your lovely comments poornima, priya, Ramya,shama, supriya & deepa.
Priya thank you for sharing your award with me i am honored & delighted to receive this award.


Wow Sangee, loved the ada pradhaman. I used to go to guruvayoor every month coz It is very close by to my home. Miss all that yaar :(.

Home Cooked Oriya Food

Wow looks delicious! Such a unique recipe !


Yummy Adapradaman..i too made pradaman on vishu ,but parippu pradaman...ithu kanditte Ammaye orma varunnu......


I love Ada payasam. Unfortunately I cant make it here as I cant find it at the stores here. Makes me drool now :)


Hi sangeetha Happy onam thanks..i was wondering hw to make pradhaman and surprise serve to my was rely help ful

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