Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cooking Salmon in a Dishwasher

Did you know that you can cook in a dishwasher ?

Click on the image to see the recipe :)

Last week my dishwasher was giving out some trouble and i was checking out solutions form the net and I came across this information. Of course this is not a new news to many of you, but when i heard about it i was shocked. I couldn't imagine someone cooking in a dishwasher(has any one tried it), but that taught have been inside me for so long and now i am thinking why not cook in dishwasher, its totally different idea and its something between steam cooking and normal cooking. I don't know if i will really do it, just taught I will share this with you all & know what you think about this.


Priya Sriram

Thats completely outrageous! Who would have thought such things??!! :D :D

Deepa Hari

Never heard of it before...But i think even i wouldn't prefer this.

Vicky Xavier.

Never heard that before. I read the post again and again to understand. Thought I was reading wrongly:) ha ha ha.

Ramya Vijaykumar

mmm, interesting thought... There should always be a difference in our kitchens right... Count me in I am with for this dishwasher cooking...

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