Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Potatoes Fry with Sprouts

Potato is a vegetable that every kid will love to eat in what ever way we cook. And sprouts are most difficult to feed. Sprouts are most nutritious food for everyone. It has proteins, vitamins, Amino acids, minerals and lot more. Sprouts are the best when consumed raw, but if at all you want to cook, do not over cook.


Potatoes 3
garlic 2 or 3 pods cut into small pieces
curry leaves
Termeric powder 1/4 tsp
Red chili powder 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder 1 tsp
Fennel 1/4 tsp
Sprouts 1 cup
crushed nuts (soy, cashew, peanut)



  • Wash the potatoes and sprouts and let drain.

  • Cut the potatoes into large pieces and half cook in microwave.

  • Let it cool for some time and peal off the skin.

  • Now cut it into smaller cubes.

  • Heat the oil in a wide pan and splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves & garlic.

  • Add the potatoes to the pan.

  • Gently stir with a wooden or plastic spatula.

  • Once the sides are gently cooked, add the chili, turmeric and coriander powder and little salt to it.

  • Mix the masalas and let it cook for few seconds with occasional string.

  • Add the sprouts, the rest of the salt and cover , switch off the flame.

  • After 2 min, stir in the sprouts to the potato.

  • Garnish with the crushed nuts on top and serve.

If the kids dosent like to see the sprouts in the potato cut them into smaller pieces
and if they dont like to taste the raw sprouts cover cook for 2 more mins at the end so it will be well cooked. This is good with any rice verity.

I have entered this post for cooking for kids contest-potato event by sharmi



Hi Sangeetha,

Nice way to sneak Sprouts to kids.Surely follow this. First time here nice blog with awesome varities. En blogyum ungalthum same template.

Priya Sriram

Very healthy entry for the kids Sangeetha! And so many tips too!! Just awesome! :D

Deepa Hari

Wow...potatoes and sprouts...thats new to me and a healthy combo...Thank you Sangeetha for the wonderful entry.

Shama Nagarajan

nice recipe..yummys


Hey shama thanks for the comment
Thank you deepa that was lovely comment
Priya....thanks dear
vidha thanks for visiting my blog....and also for your lovely comment. yep i did see your blog..it is the same:) and by the way you have a lots of kid recipe verities & i would surely try them....and lots of other recipes too

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