Thursday, March 12, 2009

Potato Bajji

Potatoes are always yummy food. Every one loves potatoes, its such a versatile food. Potatoes can be boiled, fried, mashed, baked, or turned into chips. I tried a little bit different potato fry recipe, my kid loved it . Its simple to make and healthy too.


Potato - 2 thinly sliced
Bread crumbs - 1 cup
Sambar powder - 1tbp
Egg - 2Nos.
Gharam masal - 1tsp
Black salt - 1/3tsp
Salt - as required
Oil - as required
Coriander leaves - 2 or 3 steams finely chopped


  1. In a hot pan pour enough oil to deep fry the potato.

  2. Mix the sambar powder,gharam masala, black salt, salt(if required) and breadcrumbs(if you like it to make more spicier, can add chili powder)

  3. whip the egg thoroughly.

  4. Now dip the potato in the egg then put them in the bread crumb mix. when the crumbs are on both sides put them the hot oil.

  5. Cook on both sides. When its color turns light brown scoop it out with a deep fry wok

Its ready to serve with hot or cold milk.


Priya Sriram

Potato fry looks crispy and yummy Sangeetha! Recipe is new to me! Please send this to kids event, details are here:

Pictures looks so nice! I love the chicken pho pictures very much! :)

Shama Nagarajan

yummy fry...thank u for visiting my blog visit often....

Deepa Hari

Potato fries look lovely and yum Sangeetha...recipe sounds interesting too....i am sure kids will like it.


Thanks for your comments..priya shama nagarajan & deepa

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